Regimental Insignia

From 1973 to 1979 the unit flash worn by the 2nd Field Artillery Regiment was a 2 part insignia, made up of a yellow shoulder tab with the title ‘2 Fd Arty Regt’ in blue. The primary part of the insignia was spherical in shape with a pair of white crossed cannons, lain on a blue background, surrounded by concentric yellow bands. The flash was issued in a woolen felt and ceased being issued to all personnel in 1979.

From 1979 onwards the Unit flash was changed to a shield format. Divided into equal parts blue and yellow, the left hand portion was yellow in colour with a white ‘spearhead’ – (formerly the 2 Eastern Command Insignia) and with a white cannon with a figure 2 lain over it on a blue background. The Unit flash is still in use with the re-designated 2 Brigade Artillery Regiment (Athlone).

With the issue of the new unit flash in 1979, the former insignia of the 2nd Regiment was altered for use with its FCA counterparts (at that time it was the 7th Field Artillery Regiment). The only difference between it and the former unit flash was the placing of the designation number ‘7’ placed under the crossed cannons. Unlike the 2nd Regiment flash there was no shoulder tab worn with the flash.

The Artillery Corps collar badge has remained the same design since its introduction in 1924. The first type is referred to as the “long scroll artillery badge”. As was the practice the badge was produced in two metals Silver for Officers and Brass for Enlisted ranks. The long scroll was worn up to 1942 when it was replaced by the smaller badge. As you can see the small badge has been produced in a number of metals. The cloth badge which would fall into the 1942 officers series was not worn. The brass long scroll shown below has had the ends of the scroll clipped for some reason.