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Membership of the Association shall be open to all who have served in the 2 Field Artillery Regiment (personnel who were on long term attachment to the 2 Field Artillery Regiment may be allowed to join the Association solely at the discretion of the Committee whose decision shall be binding and final.) provided that on becoming members they agree to be bound by the Rules, Regulations and Standing Orders of the Association currently in force, and any rules and regulations which may be adopted from time to time by the Association.

Every member who served in the 2 Field Artillery Regiment who on completion of an application form, which shall include his own signature shall be deemed to be a member under these Rules, provided his application has been approved by the sitting committee at the time of receipt of application.

The Association will not discriminate in membership on the basis of Conduct on Discharge, race, colour, sex, origin, or religion.

For further information on 2 Field Artillery Regiment Association, please complete the contact form below and forward it to our administrator who will be in contact with you shortly afterwards.